Hand and Foot Print on Chain

  • £96.00

Tiny hands and feet do not stay tiny for long!

This is a fantastic way to capture and keep your child's hand and foot prints close to your heart forever. A double pendant which would make an ideal gift following the birth of a child or as a christening gift.

Of course it does not have to be a hand and foot print, it can be 2 hands or 2 feet from one or two children.

An inlay of blue or pink enamel can be added to one or both of these pendants at no extra charge.

These Charms measure approximately 25mm x 18mm depending on the shape and size of the original impressions.

Plus up to 4 letters can be written on the back of each, either a short name or initials.

An inkless Impression Kit will be sent to you so you can take the hand or foot print of your baby or child. Once returned we will miniaturise the impression and imprint directly onto the Silver, creating an exact copy of your child's impression.

Please note-:-  this image is an example to give you an idea of how this particular piece of Jewellery can look. Each item is individual and bespoke and the layout of the impression and text will be designed using our creative discretion. You can of course let us know if you have any specific design requirements regarding how you would like the piece to look. We are always here to help.

Impression kits will be sent via first class post and will include a pre-paid returns envelope for you to return your impressions.

  • Hand and Foot Print on Chain
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  • Hand and Foot Print on Chain
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