Fingerprint Cufflinks - Little Round Button

  • £95.00

Simple yet eye-catching Chunky round Cufflinks. Measuring approx just under 1.4cm in diameter, perfect for a single fingerprint on each. Suitable for adult and older children's fingerprints, (Centre of fingerprint featured) or babies nail prints. To accommodate a fingerprint impression only.

Due the the small size of these cufflinks, if you would like us to send you an impression kit first before ordering, do let us know. There will be a charge of £5.00 for the kit, this will be refunded if you place a subsequent order. 

If you wish to have a name or date accompanying your impressions, may we suggest a pair of our larger Cufllinks.

Please note-:-  this image is an example to give you an idea of how this particular piece of Jewellery can look. Each item is individual and bespoke and the layout of the impression and text will be designed using our creative discretion. You can of course let us know if you have any specific design requirements regarding how you would like the piece to look. We are always here to help.

Impression kits will be sent via first class post and will include a pre-paid returns envelope for you to return your impressions, detailed instructions, and an order form where you can specify your personalisation details or special requirements.

  • Fingerprint Cufflinks - Little Round Button
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