We have tried to include below as many frequently asked questions as possible, and hope that these are of help to you. If you have a question that is not covered here, then please do contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

Ordering and Delivery

Christmas Orders 2021

The last ordering dates for Christmas 2021 will be available on the website mid September 2021. As we need to allow time for you to take your impressions and for your jewellery to be handcrafted, plus with Christmas being our busiest time of year we do strongly recommend you order early for a guaranteed Christmas delivery.

Delivery Charges 

Your impression kit will be sent by first class post with a pre-paid returns envelope to return your impressions*.

We offer 2 Jewellery postage options:- 

  • Option 1 - Royal Mail Signed For Delivery: £3.50. We obtain proof of posting, it is not tracked but requires a signature upon delivery. Royal Mail signed For is NOT insured and we are unable to offer a refund or free replacement for items lost, stolen, damaged or delayed whilst in the care of Royal Mail. 

  • Option 2 - Royal Mail Special Delivery: £6.50. This ensures that your Jewellery is received the day after posting, and is covered for loss, damage and theft. We do highly recommend this option.

Both the above postage options include first class postage of your impression kit, a pre-paid returns envelope for you to send us your impressions, and your choice of postage for your Jewellery - Signed For or Special Delivery.

* Pre-Paid returns envelopes are not included with international orders.

How long will it take for you to send me an Impression Kit?

As soon as we receive your order we aim to send out your Impression Kit within 48 hours (normally 24). Please allow 5 working days for the delivery of your kit.

If you need your impression kit quickly, do let us know and we can send it by Special Next Day delivery, the cost of this is £6.50.

I need my jewellery quickly.

If you need your jewellery quickly you can choose our 'Priority Service' during checkout. The cost of this is £15.00 and your jewellery will be ready within 7-10 days of us receiving your useable impressions back in the studio. If you need the item by a specific date, this must be written on the order form enclosed with the impression kit.

I need my Jewellery by a specific date, can you do this?

Yes, You can write the date you require your Jewellery by on the order form enclosed with your impression kit. We will ensure that it is with you before or on this date, so long as it falls within the production time period for either standard or priority orders.

If you need your item of jewellery quickly or by a specific date which is less than the standard production time, we do recommend that you contact us first to ensure that we are able to do this, as we would not wish to disappoint.

How long until I receive my jewellery?

We aim to have your order ready within 28 days of receiving your impressions back in the studio (standard orders), this may be less during quieter periods, and slightly longer during busy periods such as Christmas, Mothers Day and Fathers Day.

If you require your jewellery within a time which is less than 28 days we have a 'Priority Service' option available during the checkout process. The Priority Service costs £15.00 and your order will be dispatched within 7-10  days of us receiving your impressions.

If due to unforeseen circumstances production exceeds the stated time frame, we will contact you with an estimated delivery time.

My jewellery has been dispatched but I have not received it.

Items sent Royal Mail Special Delivery are guaranteed by Royal Mail to be delivered the following day, there are a few expectations to this in some areas of the UK. Items sent via Royal Mail Signed For delivery normally take 1-3 working days.

If you have not received your Special Delivery within 3 days, or Signed For within 5 days of dispatch, please contact us and we will look into this for you.

If your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged whilst in the care of Royal Mail, we will remake your jewellery free of charge if you have chosen Special Delivery if not received within 14 days of dispatch. Unfortunately Jewellery sent by Signed For delivery is not insured and we are unable to remake this free of charge.

Can I purchase a Gift Voucher?

Yes, there are 2 options for purchasing a gift voucher:-

  • Option 1 - Place your order for an item of jewellery, include the address you would like it sending to in the 'delivery address' section. Then in the 'Comments' section state you would like a gift voucher. Here you can also add a message that you would like on the voucher. the recipient will receive a boxed gift voucher with an image of the piece of jewellery you have ordered.
  • Option 2 - If you are not sure what you would like to order we can send a Gift Voucher for a specific amount so that the recipient can choose their own item of jewellery. Just give us a call 07496 390160 or email jane@thesilverimpressioncompany.co.uk to arrange.

Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from purchase date. We are unable to give refunds on Gift Vouchers.


Is the kit easy to use?

Yes, our kits are very simple and fun to use and only take a few minutes of your time. The impression compound for fingerprints is a non-toxic and clean plasticine type material which comes with detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures for you to follow. 

The Hand and Foot Impressions are taken using a non messy inkless wipe, as used in maternity units, again this comes with detailed simple instructions. Once you have taken your impressions, just pop them in the pre-paid returns envelope with your completed order form, and leave the rest to us.

If you already have fingerprint or hand and foot prints, we are happy to use these.

If you have any questions about taking your impressions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What will my impression look like?

  • Babies or young children's fingerprints (taken using the impression compound)

The fingerprints of babies and young children may not yet be well developed, the detail and definition in the Jewellery will be a direct impression from the fingerprint you supply. If you can Capture the little creases in the joint of the finger this will add to the detail. If your children have very faint fingerprint detail when you take your impressions, then this may not show up in the silver, so capturing the shape and size of the finger plus the lines in the joint of the finger will help to give a better finished result. Two popular alternatives are taking fingernail impressions, or surprisingly we find that often big toe impressions will give better detail for babies.

  • Adult Fingerprints (taken using the impression compound)

Adult fingerprints generally have stronger and clearer detail, however as we age our fingerprint detail does fade, therefore the fingerprints of the elderly may often be faint.

Adult fingerprints are larger than children's therefore they will cover a larger area of the jewellery. We may use part of the fingerprint, usually the central most detailed area, on smaller pieces such as charms.

There will not be room for text on the front of the jewellery, however a name and/or date can be inscribed on the reverse.

Please take time to read the supplied instructions carefully to ensure you get the best result possible. If you feel that there may not be enough detail in your fingerprint, you may wish to take a nail side impression which will guarantee detail, or maybe you would like to opt for a hand or foot print. , and very faint lines in fingerprints may not be strong enough to transfer into the silver. If you are not happy with your impressions, please feel free to ask for a replacement kit.

  • Ink fingerprints

Ink fingerprints will look different to impressions taken using the impression compound. Ink prints are enlarged digitally to show the fingerprint detail clearly. The finished piece of jewellery will feature the most detailed area of the fingerprint.

  • Hand and Footprints

The hand and footprints of both babies, children and adults can be used. the prints are miniaturised down to fit onto your chosen item of jewellery.  Please note: fine lines and faint detail are unlikely to be visible on hand and foot prints due to the miniaturisation process

What will my fingerprint look like?

All fingerprints are different, unique and individual to each person. The Jewellery examples featured on our website show a cross section of different impressions from very young babies to adults. The fingerprints of babies and young children are naturally not as developed as older children and adults, therefore these impressions will show the shape and size of the finger, plus the little creases in the joint. Many people like to take the impression of the back of a babies finger, this will features all the little creases and the nail imprint. Older children’s and adults fingerprints are much more defined, giving a typical whorl impression, however even adults can have faint fingerprints especially those of elderly people.

Please note: The fingerprint impressions on the featured Jewellery images on our website are examples of a cross section of impressions, we have included examples of babies, childrens and adults impressions to give as wide a range of examples as possible, each and every print impression will be different and unique, the shape and size of each impression and the amount of detail will differ on all impressions. Therefore the featured impressions are for illustrative purposes only.

How big will the print be in the finished Jewellery?

The fingerprints are a direct cast taken from the best of your impressions, as every fingerprint is a different size some prints will take up more room on the jewellery than others. The silver shrinks by around 12% during firing so the fingerprints in the silver will be slightly smaller than the original. With large fingerprints, we will include as much of the print as possible.

Hand and footprints are miniaturised to fit perfectly with the shape and size of the item you have ordered.

What should I choose, a fingerprint, or a hand/ foot print for my baby?

Often babies fingerprints are not well developed, therefore if you wish to guarantee detail we suggest either taking a nail impression. Or you may wish to opt for an item of Hand or Foot print Jewellery, this will guarantee a strong and clear print.

Can you use adult fingerprints and hand/footprints?

Yes, as adults fingers are much larger than babies and children's, we advise you use the little finger or index finger. An Adults fingerprint will cover most or all of the surface area of the jewellery, with the smaller charms we will use either the most detailed area of the fingerprint, or the centre of the fingerprint which is normally the most detailed.

With handprints and footprints it does not matter how large the hand or foot is as all prints are miniaturised down to fit your chosen item of Jewellery. 

What if the impressions I take are not satisfactory?

For fingerprint impressions there is enough moulding compound to take 2 fingerprints (we will use the best one out of the 2). If for any reason you are unable to obtain an acceptable impression, don’t worry, just let us know and we will send you out a second kit free of charge.

For hand and foot print impressions, if you are not happy with the prints a new kit can be sent free of charge. Smudges and messy edges can be digitally removed to ensure a perfect hand and foot print.

Please make sure that you are happy with your impressions before returning them to us. Once we have received your impressions we will use the best one supplied. If for any reason you have not taken your impressions correctly, for example, the compound has not been mixed thoroughly or the impression has been distorted, we will send out a new impression kit free of charge.

I already have fingerprint or hand and foot print impressions, can you use these?

Yes, If you already have fingerprint impressions taken in compound, Ink fingerprints or ink hand and foot prints we will be able to use these for your chosen item of jewellery.

You can send the fingerprints, hand and foot prints to us and these will be returned with your jewellery. Or, you can scan and email any hand or foot prints.

If you are unsure if the prints you have are good enough for us to use, just take an image of them and either send in a text or email and we will let you know if they are acceptable.

Production and Design


What type of silver do you use?

All our Jewellery is created using Pure Solid Silver and Solid Sterling Silver, using ethically-mined materials, as well as recycled and reclaimed Silver.

Our Jewellery is handcrafted, with each piece being individually handcrafted from start to finish. The fingerprints, handprints, artwork and handwriting are not machine engraved, but created using traditional Silver casting and silver stamping techniques.

The only machinery we use is a Jewellery kiln for firing and a polisher to create a high shine on the finished item. Names and dates etc are hand inscribed or hand stamped into the silver before the firing process.  Chains, Bracelets and Cuff-link Backs are all Solid Sterling Silver, which are UK sourced.

Due to the handcrafted nature of the jewellery, slight natural imperfections may be visible on the surface of the silver. This is not a defect of the jewellery but a natural effect.

Will my item of jewellery look the same as the images on the website?

The images on the website are examples, every fingerprint is unique and will differ in shape and size. the fingerprint of a new born baby will be much smaller than that of an older child or adult. An adults fingerprint will cover a much larger area of the jewellery, whereas a babies fingerprint may only take up a small area. If you have captured more length of a babies fingerprint to include the crease lines in the joint of the finger this will be shown in the silver.

The amount of line detail will also vary depending on age, it is a fact that we all have differing levels of fingerprint detail. We are unable to improve or alter the appearance of a fingerprint, if you are not happy with the fingerprints you have taken we will happily send you another impression kit free of charge. We can clean up smudges and sharpen the appearance of hand and foot prints.

We will use our artistic discretion in the placement of the impression and text inscription when creating your item of jewellery.

If you do have any specific requirements regarding the design of your jewellery, please write this on the order form enclosed with the impression kit.

Can I have text inscribed on the back of my item?

Yes, a name date or short message can be written on the back of your Pendant, Charm or Keyring. It will depend on the size and shape of the jewellery as to the exact amount of characters and layout.

Dates will be in a short format i.e. 25.12.21. 

There is room on the back of most pendants for a short message, for example  'Love from Mum'

With Fingerprint Jewellery inscriptions will be written around the outside edge as often it is not possible to inscribe directly behind the fingerprint where there is less thickness in the silver.

Our small charms have room for a name only, however a date can be added with a short name of no more than 5 letters on the back of the charms.

We are unable to add writing to the back of Cufflinks.

Can I choose a font style?

Most of the text, letters and numbers are hand inscribed and therefore we do not offer a specific font style. Some of our pieces are stamped, such as the Initial Pendants and the Organic Text Pendants, the font used for stamped letters is lowercase 'Juniper'.

Is there a limit to the amount of letters I can have engraved on my chosen piece?

Most Pendants will accommodate a name of up to 6 or 7 letters with a fingerprint, Charms 5-6 letters. The Dog Tags will take up to 7-8 and the teardrop charm up to 7. If you require a longer name or a short message such as ‘with love‘, ‘for mummy‘, ‘to my grandma‘ etc. then a separate charm can be ordered. If you are not sure if the name your require will fit onto your chosen piece, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will write names on the back of Charms or Pendants if there is not enough room next to the impressions, this will be done at our discretion, or if requested.

Can a print be placed on both sides of my item of jewellery?

All our jewellery is designed to feature a fingerprint or hand and foot print on one side only. However we can make double sided items on request, these items will cost more due to the extra thickness of silver required. Please contact us if you wish to have a double sided item made.

I already have an item of jewellery made by another company and would like an identical piece made, can you do this?

As every item of jewellery is handmade to order, each piece is unique and therefore we would not be able to match exactly an existing item. We can however do our best to make a new item as close as possible and would require an image for this purpose.

I don't need a chain for my Pendant?

If you already have a chain, when you place your order for an item that is supplied with a chain, just let us know you do not require a chain and we will refund the cost of this which is £10.00.

I wish to buy a charm but would like a chain as well?

If you wish to purchase one of our small charms and would like it on a chain, our chains can be found on the Text Jewellery page.

Returns, Cancellations and Refunds

We take great pride in our craftsmanship and hope that you will be happy with your purchase. We will repair or re-make an item that is damaged.

If in the unlikely event we have made a mistake on your item, miss-spelt a name or supplied an incorrect shape, please inform us within 7 days of receipt and we will remake your item free of charge.

We cannot accept returns on bespoke personalised orders.

All our Jewellery is quality checked and tested before sending out, please check your Jewellery upon receipt for faults, damage or name misspelling and contact us within 7 days. We only use the highest quality findings and fittings, our Sterling Silver Jump Rings are heavy duty for extra strength, and our Sterling Silver Cufflink Fittings are specially made to order and are strength tested before sending out.


A full refund will be given on orders cancelled within 28 days of being placed. If the impression kit has been sent out a full refund will be made, less a charge of £8.00 per  impression kit (moulding compound) and £10.00 (Ink print kit). 

Orders cannot be cancelled once work has begun making an item of bespoke Jewellery.

We do not offer refunds on orders cancelled after 28 days of being placed, however a credit note will be issued which can be used against any item of our Jewellery. This only applies if we have not started making the jewellery.


Due to the personalised and bespoke nature of the jewellery we are unable to give a refund once the jewellery is in the process of being made, or has been made.

We do not offer a refund if the jewellery has been made to the correct specifications.

Replacement Kits:

If you require a replacement kit the first kit is free of charge, additional kits there will be a charge of £5.00. Also for orders over 12 months old there will be a £5.00 charge for a new kit.


How do I look after my jewellery?

As with all metals silver can tarnish over time, this discolouration on the surface of the silver is caused by sulphur compounds that naturally occur on our skin, in the air and particularly in perfumes, skin products and cleaning products.

To keep your silver in tip top condition we recommend the following:-

  • The use of a silver polishing cloth to gently polish your item from time to time.
  • Keeping your item in a jewellery box or pouch when not being worn.
  • Avoid spraying perfume or deodorant directly onto the jewellery.
  • Avoid wearing when swimming.
  • The chemicals in sweat may cause the silver to tarnish, so avoid wearing during heavy exercise.
  • Close contact with cleaning substances, particularly bleach based products should be avoided.

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