How to take Fingerprints

When you place an order for a piece of Fingerprint Jewellery you will receive everything you need to take your impressions. The kit includes enough compound to take 2 fingerprints; detailed instructions; a form where you can state your personalisation details; and a pre-paid returns envelope.

How to take fingerprints:-

Step 1

Remove the blue and white compound from the bags and split both compounds into 2 equal parts.

Step 2

Take one piece of the blue and one piece of the white compounds and start to knead and roll these between your fingers, do this until thoroughly combined, with no streaks visible.

Step 3

Roll into a ball and place either on the card provided, or a suitable flat surface.

Step 4

Press the finger approximately half way down into the compound, hold for a couple of seconds and gently lift away. If the finger sticks to the compound, or if you are not happy with the print, re-roll the compound and retake. Do not roll the finger in the compound. The compound will remain usable for up to 5 minutes before becoming too hard to use.

Step 5

Repeat with the 2nd two balls of compound. You should now have 2 fingerprints.

Step 6

Leave the fingerprints to harden, this should take around 10 minutes.

Step 7

Write the name of the child/adult whose fingerprints they are on the box and pop the moulds back into the box(s).

Step 8

Fill in the order form and place both the form and fingerprints in the pre-paid envelope and return to us.

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