How to take Hand and Footprints

Once an order has been placed for an item of Hand or Foot Print Jewellery you will receive everything you need to take your hand and foot prints. The kit includes an inkless wipe; specially coated card; instructions and a pre-paid returns envelope.

How to use the kit:-

Step 1

Hand and foot print impression kit. Read instructions and wash and dry hands before commencing.

Step 2

Remove the inkless wipe from its package and wipe over the hand or foot, wipe lightly and ensure the whole of the area is covered.

Step 3

Gently but firmly press the hand or foot onto the card, making sure as much of the hand or foot comes into contact with the card. Pay particular attention to the ends of the fingers and toes. Gently lift the hand or foot away from the card.

Step 4

Wait for print to develop, fill in personalisation details on the order form and place both form and print into pre-paid returns envelope. Each A4 card can accommodate 1-2 adult prints, 4 young child prints and up to 8 baby prints. We do only require one good print for your jewellery.

Don’t worry if there are smudges and marks on the card, these will be digitally removed and will not affect the finished hand or foot print.

If you wish to get your prints to us in a hurry, you can scan and email your prints to 

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