The Process

After you have placed your order for an item of fingerprint or Hand and Foot Print Jewellery, an easy to use Impression Kit and detailed instructions will be sent out to you via Royal Mail first class post.

  • Fingerprint Kit - The kit contains a non-toxic moulding compound (similar to plasticine). Taking fingerprint impressions only takes a few minutes of your time. There is enough compound supplied to take 2 impressions for each fingerprint.
  • Hand and Foot Print Kit - we will send you an inkless impression kit. This kit is extremely clean and easy to use. These kits are regularly used in maternity units to take the hand and foot impressions of new born babies.

There will be an order form enclosed with the impression kits. Here you can specify your personal design requirements.

When you have returned the kit in the pre-paid envelope, we will set to work on your chosen piece.

  • Ink Fingerprint & Handwriting and Drawing Jewellery - These can be scanned and emailed to us. Alternatively you can send the original, or a high quality black and white photocopy.

All our Solid Silver Jewellery is individually handmade to order to your own specifications. The jewellery goes through 12 different stages before it is finished and ready to send out to you.

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