How to take Fingerprints

Our Fingerprints are unique to each and every one of us, no two are exactly the same. This is why a piece of Pure Silver Jewellery incorporating a loved ones fingerprint is so special. Just like our fingerprints no 2 pieces will ever be the same.

Taking fingerprint impressions super easy and only takes a few minutes.

This is how it works:-

After you have placed your orders e will send you an easy to use impression kit which comprises of a 2 part moulding compound. This compound is clean, odourless and non messy.

There is enough compound to take two impressions for each fingerprint, although we do only require the one.


All you need to do is knead the two compounds together until they are thoroughly mixed. then roll into a little ball, place on the card provided and press the finger about half way into the compound.


Hold the finger there for a moment and gently pull away.  If you are not happy with the impression, just re-roll the compound a try again.


This can be done a number of times  before the compound begins to set.


Leave the impression for about ten minutes to harden, then just pop it into the box and return to us with your completed order form in the pre-paid envelope.


Voila! you have taken your fingerprint which will be turned into a stunning piece of Solid silver Jewellery.

When we send out your finished Jewellery we will also return the fingerprint impression for you to keep.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to, e-mail, phone or text us. 

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