The Process

After you have placed your order for an item of fingerprint jewellery, an easy to use Impression Kit and detailed instructions will be sent out to you via Royal Mail first class post (impression kits can be sent via Special Next day delivery upon request, the cost of this is £6.50).

The kit contains a non-toxic moulding compound (similar to plasticine), and the process only takes a few minutes of your time. There will be enough compound enclosed to take 2 impressions for each fingerprint, extra compound is available free of charge if needed.

For hand and footprint impressions, we will send you an inkless impression kit. This kit is extremely clean and easy to use. These kits are regularly used in maternity units to take the hand and foot impressions of newborn babies.

There will be an order form enclosed with the impression kits. Here you can specify your personal design requirments.

When you have returned the kit in the pre-paid envelope, we will set to work on your chosen piece.

We take the impression you have made and incorporate the fingerprint, hand or footprint in Pure Silver including a name, nickname, date or even a short message if you so choose.

Our Impression jewellery is created using Precious Metal Clay, a unique material which is made by combining pure silver particles with a clay like organic binder. After a piece of jewellery is created it is then kiln fired, where the organic binder burns away, leaving 99.9 % Pure Silver. All our fingerprint jewellery goes through 12 different stages before it is finished and ready to send out to you.

All our Fingerprint and Hand/Foot Print Jewellery is individually handmade to order to your own specifications.

After your chosen piece is finished, we will send it to you by either Special Delivery (insured), or Signed For Delivery (uninsured). Orders normally take around 28 days from receipt of your impressions, longer during busy periods, or 10 -12 working days from receipt of your impressions with our Priority Service,   the Priority option can be chosen during the checkout process, (please allow an extra 1-2 working days during busy times such as Christmas, Mother and Fathers Day) for Priority orders.

What will my Impression look like?

All fingerprints and impressions are different, unique and individual to each person. The Impression Jewellery examples featured on our website show a cross section of different impressions from very young babies to adults. The fingerprints of babies and young children may not be well developed, therefore these impressions may have little in the way of detail, they will show the shape and size of the finger. Many people like to take the impression of the back of a babies finger, this then features all the little creases and the nail imprint, the fingerprints of babies and young children (under 5) may not have strong enough detail to transfer into the silver, so taking one impression of the finger and one of the nail is a good idea, then you can choose which you prefer from the two. For young babies, you may wish to opt for a hand or foot impression rather than a fingerprint. Please note: fine lines and detail are unlikey to be visible on hand and foot prints due to the miniturisation process.

The fingerprints featured in the silver will be slightly smaller than the original due to the shrinkage of the silver during firing.

Fingerprint Impression Detail: when you have taken your fingerprint impressions you can check the amount of detail in the print by holding the mould up to the light. If the detail is very faint, then the silver may not be able to capture these lines. The stronger the line detail, the stronger the detail in your item of Jewellery will be. If the lines are very faint then you may wish to consider a fingernail impression, or if you would like to change your order to a hand or foot print impression, just let us know and we will send you out a hand/foot printkit free of charge.The images on the website are examples only, each item is individually handmade to order, therefore the positioning of the impressions and text may vary. If you have particular requirements regarding the positioning of your impressions or text, you can state these on your order form which comes with the impression kit.

2 Priority Service option is available during the checkout process for orders required within a shorter period of time. The charge for the priority service is £15.00 and your order will be dispatched within 10-12 working days of us receiving your impressions. This service may be withdrawn during busy periods. Please allow an extra 1-2 days during busy periods, please see terms for details.

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