Hand & Footprints

The perfect way to capture a tiny handprint and footprint, or even a not so tiny one, as our bespoke, handmade Jewellery can feature any size of print from a new born baby to a fully grown adult.

All you need to take your impressions is our simple to use inkless paper kit that we will supply you with, it is quick, easy, non-messy and comes with full instructions. You will see the hand or foot print suddenly appear before your eyes on the sensitised paper. Return this to us in the pre-paid envelope and we will magically miniaturise your impressions to fit perfectly onto the 'made just for you' item of Jewellery, along with a name, date or short message if you wish.

The finished item will feature a perfect copy of your original print impressed into the Pure Silver, creating a very tactile 3 dimensional piece of Jewellery, a memory that will last a lifetime.

We have designed a stunning range of Handprint and Footprint Jewellery to suit everyone. Have a design idea of your own? Please feel free to contact us and we will happily design a personal item just for you.

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